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These are some of our recommended links and resources that we think will help your business.


Companies House

Hompage of the UK's company registration authority.

HM Revenue & Customs

Homepage of the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority.

Companies House Register

Search for UK companies and view the details about them and relevant company documents.

Income Tax Calculator

Find out your take-home pay and work out how much tax you will pay in this financial year.

The Budget 2016

The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave his Budget to Parliament on Wednesday 16 March 2016.

Rates and allowances: HM Revenue and Customs

This collection brings together the main rates of tax and duty, interest rates, exchange rates and allowances published by HMRC.

Tax Aid

UK charity providing free tax advice to people who cannot afford to pay a professional adviser.


Companies House - Ltd.

Forms that a limited company can file with Companies House.

Companies House - LLP

Forms that a limited liability partnership can file with Companies House.

Companies House - LP

Forms that a limited partnership can file with Companies House.

Personal Tax Organiser

Use our free personal tax organiser to organise all your personal tax papers to make completion of your end of year personal tax return easy.

Director's Guide

Read our Director's Guide to running your own company for an in-depth guide on business operations.

Tax Busting Checklist

Use or free tax busting checklist to see what your accountant has mentioned to you regarding tax.

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