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The industry-specific advice you can expect from Cranleys. We try to understand your business inside out.

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Cranleys have a wealth of experience in providing support and quality services to the Business sector.

With the recessionary pull on the business purse strings, the focus on cost control has become ever more apparent.

We work with businesses of varying sizes to help maximise the efficiency of both their back and front office operation.

For some businesses the pressure that comes with recession and environmental developments can be overwhelming and lead them to consider outsourcing major functions within their business.


Today’s consumer market is fiercely competitive and this makes it extremely difficult to achieve market advantage over competitors.

The ever changing consumer is a hard one to please, so it is essential that as the environment develops around the consumer and retail market that they stay up-to-date with it.

Changes in demographic, rises in property costs, and ever increasing legislations are only some of the many pressures that business owners have to face.

Retailers and businesses providing to the consumer market have all of these things to compete with in order to achieve their objectives.


The environment is becoming more of a focus for businesses which is caused by increased scrutiny on environmental practices and reporting.

However Cranleys has the skills and experience to advice your business in what is slowly becoming a greener economy, which will continue to grow significantly grow for years to come due to the powerhouses of India and China storming ahead which are causing companies to look into new sectors e.g. investing in shale gas and deep water drilling.

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Cranleys can use its wealth of experience to help the difficult sector of the government sector.

Cranleys has great experience of such clients where we can offer guidance to help them tighten up management and administrative systems in practical, cost effective ways.


At our Head office in Basingstoke, Cranleys understands and can help you to understand the growing challenges faced by all healthcare professionals.

Issues faced can be the taxation of health practitioners, tax legislation and case law.

Accordingly, it is vital that you choose a well-qualified accountant with experience so you get the best for you.


The construction market of late has been one that has struggled significantly due to the recession and due to the emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, who have largely taken over the industrial market due to the much lower labour cost in such countries.

The market is also moving significantly fast with various new technologies changing constantly making it hard to keep up.

So Cranleys can offer you a service for your business so that you can keep up to date and not have to worry about your accounting as well as providing you tips from our business knowledge to help your business grow.

In today’s fiercely competitive market achieving a strategic advantage is vital for any business in the industrial market.

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Through our work our work in Hampshire and in the UK we have gained a lot of experience supporting and assisting media and technology businesses.

The businesses we have worked with previously have been businesses in new media, publishing, TV, music, software development and online.

We assist these businesses in understanding and overcoming hurdles they may face in this fast moving market.

Not For Profit

Cranleys has had experience of involvement with charities, schools and other non-profit organisations in the past and we can offer them guidance to help them tighten up management and administrative systems in practical, cost effective ways.

Real Estate

Property remains to be one of the most significant industries in the UK despite the recent recession.

It is a market that is slowly picking up after the recession with the government investing in large real estate projects throughout the UK but there remains the issues of supply and demand, space, investment and confidence remaining to be key factors in the reason for not much growth in the market.

Here at Cranleys we work with a wide range of property sector clients from locally around Basingstoke to across the UK including investors, developers, estate agents, surveyors and architects to understand and overcome the issues and challenges they face.

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The technology sector is one of the fastest moving markets, and is constantly changing so it is ideal for most businesses to have a specialist group to focus on time consuming needs of a technological business.

This is where we can help. We can help by providing a service where we can help many different kinds of businesses such as, pharmaceuticals, IT and internet related businesses, and physical sciences.


Here at Cranleys our specialist team can help you with issues you may be facing if you are in the travel industry.

There are many issues we can cater for in each industry during this tough economic time using our many years of experience.

Using our experience we can provide expert guidance on items such as industry comparisons, business planning, and tax and VAT advice.

Much more than just accounting

Start a Company

We'll handle formation of your business with Companies House and help you decide the most suitable structure for your business.


We can setup a payroll based on your requirements, ensuring that it complies with the year end requirements.


The time has gone when messy spreadsheets were the best way of managing your accounts. We'll help you setup Xero to make things easier for your business.

Corporation Tax

We will automatically calculate your Corporation Tax liability for the year and submit the return to HMRC with ease.


We can handle all your bookkeeping needs, everything from bank transactions to a bag of reciepts.

Business Advice

We actively look at any areas of profit improvement or tax savings in your company. Delivering comprehensive business auditing services is very important to us.


We can assist you with applying for VAT registration, VAT planning and dealing with any disputes that arise with Customs.

Property Tax

Property Tax is a bit of a maze so we can advise you on areas such as tax efficient strategies for mortgage structures or rental income.

Virtual Office

With one of our Virtual Offices you can give an excellent impression on your future clients without having to change your location or your style of working.

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